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I just created a Vimeo account, so now I have accounts for both YouTube and Vimeo for people to watch my films. Finally I’ve uploaded my latest project Flood Sequence ! So now you have a choice of which one to view, better yet why not check out both! haha

This is the artist statement explaining the project I handed in as part of my major studies:

“My film projects this Honours year, particularly Flood Sequence (1:08 mins, three screen video)  seek to manifest the tension between tangible elements such as science and religion, the human body and its necessities, historical events/scriptures and mythical stories into a visual rhythm. The function of absurdity in the fantasy genre and the metaphoric temperament of natural disaster that parallels science fiction apocalyptic visions are present in the work also. The internal logic of the work derives from the medium itself, from the malleability and temporality of the blackboard as a surface and the chalk I use to draw each frame. This ephemeral aspect coalesced with the fluctuating nature of animation gives way for understanding of the film and it’s medium.

Animation in the field of contemporary art however adds extra dimension to the purpose of animation production. Examples of artists who have been exhibiting these ideas are Tabaimo, Nathalie Djurberg, the collective IC-98 and William Kentridge amongst others. I have also been influenced by writers such as Albert Camus (The Myth of Sisyphus) and Roland Barthes (Mythologies), writings on Japanese cinema and anime, such as Phillip Brophy, film-makers Hayao Miyazaki, Michel Gondry and Guy Maddin.

My practice involves attempts at negating the predictability of a structural narrative and of traditional animation. I am aiming to maintain an agenda that is focused on creating films that are visually and ideologically stimulating with multiple ambiguous narratives. The cycle which is a recurrent theme in the work, is metaphoric for the nature of human life, the eternal cycle but also the morbidity that is the inescapable truth that one day one’s cycle of life will be terminated. This can also evoke the sense of restlessness and pending answers to existential questions. These concepts come together through an intuitive working process but also with the consideration for a visual dynamic.”




Here is a snippet of some artworks from our Honours Grad-Show at Monash, Caulfield, so if you’re in Melbourne COME CHECK IT OUT! It finishes December 2.

At the top are images of my work entitled Flood Sequence which is a video projection. (quite hard to photograph) plus a grainy photo of me on opening night (quintessential photo of artist standing in front of work with the sole purpose of giving it to parents)

And just above is a photo of an account I wrote for Tess Healy as part of her documentation of a Scripted Speed Date in a book she collated entitled Book of Real and Fictional Documentation.


This yearbook for the 2011 Monash University Fine Art  Honours graduates was organized by the lovely Laura and designed by Andrew. Thank you guys! Here is a scan of my spread and this is the text:

“… in a universe suddenly divested of illusions and lights, man feels alien, a stranger. His exile is without remedy since he is deprived of the memory of a lost home or the hope of a promised land. This divorce between man and his life, the actor and his setting, is properly the feeling of absurdity.” Albert Camus

The void is like the future which can be whatever you make it. So the black board is really a metaphor for all the possibilities I see for my life or at least a comprehension of the concept of endless possibility. This unknown can of course be fearful, the constant fear of what we cannot foresee and the pressure of knowing what to do with that unknown. There is a constant struggle to make the right choices in life just as there are in the animation process.

You can also have a look at my page in the Art and Design Graduand Show catalogue as well as everyone else graduating from monash too!


Just a print screen of my animation photos, I think it’s cool to see all the guts laid out like this, soon you will see them animated ;)


This is my space currently at university, at the moment I am working on my major project animation. I wanted to document before I need to clean up for assessment and the grad-show whence it will no longer be mine.

The below image is of my ‘working space’ in my bedroom where I have been on and off writing my essay. As you can see the important nutrients of crisps, chocolate biscuits and diet coke for pro-active study are readily available.


This is an image for our Honours yearbook (to be produced independently and is not affliated with the Monash Graduand Show catalogue – both of which I will post photos of later on).  I know this picture is quite small but you get the idea. I feel like I have spent more time drawing storyboards than I have on my actual animation/filming! But that’s the way it goes I guess :) The end of my university years(so far) is nigh…


I am unabashedly a list-maker, of almost anything (it lessens my anxiety about things I have to do etc). Here are just two examples. Yesterday I was thinking about how I am finishing my university undergraduate degree at the end of this year and feeling quite ambivalent about so I wrote this (above) about some pro’s and con’s to make myself feel better about coming to terms with leaving uni for good (well at least for now). I am about to be very busy for the next few weeks writing my thesis and making video art. This is a page from my diary of last week.


This is an ongoing piece I am currently working on. This is the first part as it is a work in progress. I am making a multi-paneled animation, so the drawings are going to wander through three frames alongside each other. The row of houses is a visual from a dream I had but the other events I made up. I’d love to know what people think are the strongest elements!


I decided to resolve this animation sequence by creating a visual dynamic that alludes to a cyclic resonance.




Some things I am working with at the moment, trying to figure out my own stories and symbols to use. Questions, questions, where to go next? why is the transformative element so strong? what resources to use, etc…



Here are some snaps of a few sketches/storyboarding I’ve been doing lately as brainstorming for my next animation sequence. Though most of my ‘sketches ‘ are just lists and rhetorical questions… So come my way inspiration!   katpig ;)

Not very good quality photos but you get the idea. I presented my video work from last semester on this monitor in the Fine Art building lobby for the Monash University Open Day a few weeks ago (talk about a plug). The picture came out a bit stretched but it was good to see my work in a different location and set-up. Lately I have just been projecting them back on to a blackboard (but have not taken photos yet!) or watching them on a computer.


P.S. Happy 101 Post! ;)

Please have a look at my chalkboard stop motion animations on youtube if you’re interested.

This is all the video experiments I have been making in my Fine Arts degree. They are a mixture of whimsical vignette and investigation of unconscious visual material and intuitive process in the creation of narrative.


thank you for visiting :)


Here are some photos of the studio spaces i have had over the past two/three years at university.(I don’t think I have any from first year, or at least I can’t find them) I love creative spaces but I mainly love junk. Above is my first semester of second year uni.

Second semester of second year uni in Prato, Italy.

First Semester of third year uni back in Australia

Studio set up for assessment semester two of third year uni

Honours studio this year!

This was my desk a few weeks ago before I cleared it for assessment.


…because he had three left feet.

These are some drawings I did last year at uni. I realized I hadn’t put any of them up  here, so thought it was time to share the love. ;)





This was yet another project for my drawing class where we had to spend 24 hours on one drawing (not all in a row of course otherwise i probably would have collapsed while doing it) We weren’t allowed to rub any marks out either that is why it’s all in pen. Alas i probably spent more time thinking of what to draw that actually drawing… Anyway here are some photos of the process, sorry for the very bad quality and consistency, they are from my phone camera.

Have not had time to post anything lately because it’s the end of semester when everything is due!! But I have thankfully almost finished all my work so that is excellent. Holidays are going to feel so good.


. I experimented with a few ways of accentuating the nature of clothes. The approach I was most happy with was creating narratives within the photo to give individual items of clothing a life. This approach involved threading wire through garments to prop them up. I placed clothes in poses that imitated what humans do. I feel like the end product was somewhat melancholic and sad yet humourous. Humour was an element that inevitably came through in the work. I am always seeking to produce strange happenings and somewhat odd or unexpected personifications out of ordinary objects and spaces. This also ties into my major which is Painting. In which I try to submerge the viewer into a disrupted segment of a story or narrative, whether it be through drawing or film. And so in this same way these photos are taken in the middle of an event; there is no beginning and there is no end to their story. We haven’t seen them come to life off the floor exactly but these characters are in motion, going about their own lives as if they were people; yet we don’t even see them. From this perspective then the artwork is not meant to be funny if these people are appearing as lost or forgotten souls. They could even resemble ghosts floating about unnoticed which is something I had not thought of while taking the photos but has become apparent afterwards. The figures take on a creepy appearance of being transparent yet materially real at the same time. That tension and contradiction is what interests me; to be funny and creepy simultaneously. Which brings me to the explanation that these photographs could be portraits of ‘the undead’; a mythical state where the being has died but is still living. However this concept then takes on the humourous role again. So the work for me really is a paradox. In this series there is also a commentary on the nature of objects and possessions. Why we buy the things we do and how we personify these objects, for example clothing, furniture and ornaments etc. Because all of these things don’t make us who we are yet we think they do. Clothing is the best example of this where your clothes can instantly tell some one else about you, somehow. There are certain clothes that connect you to a certain group, like religious groups, social groups etc. And of course there are gender differences in clothes and this interests me because in many of my photos you can’t tell the gender (except for the dress). And I wonder if this affects the way they are viewed or if it’s something that isn’t even thought about.

Altogether this project was about exploring the nature of clothes and hidden identities with playfulness and a comical melancholy.


Today I joined all my stop-frame animations together and made a gif. The quality isn’t very good but is still exciting. Please stay to see all of them :) Finishing off all your coursework for the year feels really good. It is encouraging when people let you know that it wasn’t all a waste of time. Thank you to those people ;) Now it’s time to celebrate woohoo!!

Here is my statement that goes with my work:

This semester I have focused on the medium of drawing and occasionally stop frame animation techniques. These embrace the world of the imaginary; they appear as though they are scenes taken from the leaf of a children’s book. However many of the drawings are dealing with emotions and motifs that don’t register straight away when you look at them and that in fact subvert the traditional conventions of the fairy tale. A lot of the themes such as humour and longing stem from experiences and/or things I would like to change in my own life. Recently I have begun reading psychological texts such as The Feminine in Fairytales by the Jungian writer Marie-Luise von Franz. Her writing has influenced my work in terms of the symbols and imagery that I have been appropriating. This reading has helped me shape an imaginary world that attempts to depict a psychological reality.My work is also influenced by Francis Alys, Vivienne Shark Le-witt, Paul Noble and Jenny Watson.


Here is some of the things I am working on at the moment in my uni course. In the model room the furniture is freed from conscious and have transcended into the unconscious realm, discovering new dimensions of the pysche.  This can be a metaphor for opening  up your emotions and feelings to others etc. [this can be just be one of the many readings]. The images of rooms and hoses are idealized yet somewhat nostalgic of childhood. However the subject of childhood is not fully my intention when making these works. The animals depicted can be read as symbols, for example using  Jungian principles, the bear is represented as either berserk rage or holistic rage. In that when anyone has a an outburst of rage they are showing themselves in a most real manner, with no inhibitions they can tell you what they really think. However in this drawing I have drawn the bear in a somewhat paradoxical way.

With all this said I am no expert on psychology, its something I am reading in my spare time,  so I have probably generalized a bit in writing this.


The thought of leaving,

Horrible! Unthinkable!

So comfy so cosy,

I’m not getting up for you,

Even if you are working,

And its obvious I am not,

Its the only time,

That I can be cruel,

Hogging and overtaking,

The only working lobby computer…