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This is a rough animatic for a project I am working on at uni at the moment. This is not the finished product however that will be vastly more colourful and much smoother animation. I will also post that when I’m done. Very excited that its coming together though :)  The sound is very basic and not edited too well but the finished animation will have ironed out all that.

The story is basically a girl who loves too eat dirt. However little tiny grass shoots start popping up all over her body, she freaks at first out but continues to eat the dirt. It’s a vicious cycle with many possible interpretations.


This is an image for our Honours yearbook (to be produced independently and is not affliated with the Monash Graduand Show catalogue – both of which I will post photos of later on).  I know this picture is quite small but you get the idea. I feel like I have spent more time drawing storyboards than I have on my actual animation/filming! But that’s the way it goes I guess :) The end of my university years(so far) is nigh…