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This year is flying by too quickly! These are week 11’s drawings for my drawing a day project. I wil also post photos of my much larger pencil drawing i’ve been working on, soon. :)



These are the drawings from week 6 of my Drawing a Day project. The last week of February and summer here in Australia! (please click on the pictures to make them bigger) Got a new sketchbook during the week too woohoo!


I’ve had these photos for a while but thought I’d share as I still really love Juno. And can you believe that the seven eleven near my house does not even have blue flavour! Devastating I know…

Love the late night slushie runs, or on a laid back sunday arvo.


P.S. I just realized this is my 100th post!! WOW! How unceremonial – how exciting nonetheless! Thanks for the support readers far and wide, close and distant!



A paradox which I cannot explain, just like the human brain.

I’m not trying to be anything I”m not. I’m not trying to be anything at all.

There’s a special moment when you hear the title of a song that only appears once because it’s not part of the chorus .

A crooked tooth in a perfect smile.

That content feeling of sitting on your bed eating leftover pizza.

I borrowed 7 books from the library today, its so exciting because it’s like they are free books. But alas I know I have to take them back soon…


These are some drawing I did as part of my first semester assessment. I really loves rhymes and how they can create any visual image of scenario, I like to make humorous pictures. So these are also just ant exploration of the english language and the paralells within it.


Sometimes I feel like watching television makes me increasingly unintelligent… unless I’m watching Man vs. Wild or a documentary on any of the following themes: animals, art, music, plants, astronomy, or how to fashion your own log into a canoe etc. And so I feel like all inspiration for creating and thinking, in general is zapped from my being by the radioactive antennas or maybe that’s just from the microwave when I’m making the popcorn…

Although there are many TV shows that i enjoy watching, sitting idle and staring for hours waiting for them to come on, seems so wrong. I think we all need to move forward with our lives and think of other ways of entertainment, there are many movies of course that deserve more attention than TV, but think of all the hours you could have back of your life to read and learn and write and think and create and invent and explore and enjoy!

not meaning to offend anyone just trying to spread the love. katpig

the fog rolls in,

over our slumber,

my breath revealing,

its ephemeral form to me,

pages turn blank,

blue sky emerges,

but this chill is still present,

inside our tiny abode,

because of the misfortunate,

broken down heater.


‘that old chestnut’

‘the cat’s pjamas’

‘the bees knees’

‘great snakes!’

‘jeez louise’

‘its all gone to custard’

‘cool beans’

‘she’s apples’

‘nice work if you can get it’ (and if you get it, won’t you tell me how)

The thought of leaving,

Horrible! Unthinkable!

So comfy so cosy,

I’m not getting up for you,

Even if you are working,

And its obvious I am not,

Its the only time,

That I can be cruel,

Hogging and overtaking,

The only working lobby computer…