Always someone’s cousin,

Have you ever sculled yogurt?

The dimly lit street, I run my hand over the wet rail and out of nowhere a voice breaks the silence. Out in the void it shares it’s desire for freedom and finally it has come. But suddenly a rude awakening of a separate presence quietens this expression. And all is insular again.

Tea is resting on the window sil. Scones on the pillow. A man walks to his car in the rain, pencil behind his ear. Dog barks across the road, he is trapped behind a gate. My previous plans destroyed because of whispy drops. Some one has placed stones carefully on top the garden wall between two houses. Not all the leaves have departed their branches, instead they choose to prolong their lively dance until they fall and lie suffocated by footsteps and stapled down by gravity for all time.

Everyone is a sensationalist.

Put ingredients into the melting pot, thanks for the advice it helped a lot.

Ordering song files by date could only work if all files had their date attached to them, compared to alphabetical order where everything obviously has a title. However I would want artists arranged alphabetically and then the albums arranged by date. Well that could make things a bit confusing – for all those unenlightened to such an immaculate system.

Sinking into mama bears soft chair until the fire melts me stiff.

An artist is always searching and then again always finding. Yet he never stops , whether he is working or his art is working – or not.

I hate chain stores, I hate umbrellas. Rain and paper bags equals the crushing of my spirit.