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Please have a look at my chalkboard stop motion animations on youtube if you’re interested.

This is all the video experiments I have been making in my Fine Arts degree. They are a mixture of whimsical vignette and investigation of unconscious visual material and intuitive process in the creation of narrative.


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It has been a crazy three weeks and I’m glad it’s all over. However now instead of being stressed about everything I have to do, places to go, people to look after, I’m stressed about all the things I’m not doing. I have now fallen into a lull of the hot and sweaty holiday season, sitting next to the fan on a sunday arvo thumbing through The Illustrated Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and looking mournfully around the room at all the mess I need to clean up but alas knowingly I probably will not any time soon… I wonder whether or not I will ever finish reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy then am reminded of the list of books I wrote down that are currently sitting on my shelf that I haven’t read, the christmas presents I haven’t bought yet and the anticipation of taking dvds back to the video store.

The grey skies have indeed cleared up I should put on a happy face. What I want most of all is to go swimming down in Brighton, immersed in freedom of flowing waves and float on top of the water imagining that I am out on a boat sailing towards discovery in the middle of the ocean, vast and desolate; live just for a moment like everything is how I want it…


this was the end of the film, and i accidently took 4 exposures on top of one another… but am stoked with the result.

About nine in the morning of May 27 i met this charming and extremely fluffy kitty. she wouldn’t leave me alone until i had walked all the way down the street and she realized i wasn’t taking her home, aww

clarendon ave, among many swish homes, housing many sophisticated mothers and husbands and spoilt children, i can only imagine.

the quality of these aren’t fantastic because they are digital photos of analog prints and i’m still getting used to working the camera ;)


Across from me on the train,

Guess who was sitting there,

A lonely pistachio nut,

Abandoned by its owner,

Just waiting to be found,

And munched on by a new friend,

To someday fulfil his destiny,

But now this salty nut,

Is waiting patiently,

Watching the world pass by…