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As it turns out, to my sheer delight, that I don’t destroy everything I touch! It doesn’t turn to gold either but you can’t have everything right?


I got a new camera a few weeks back, a Canon EOS 650D and am having so much fun just snapping away. Yet somehow I still find analogue much easier :P These are just some macro experiments – as well as being genuinely excited that I, renowned cactus-killer, can grow plants again!



Here are some belated photos from my trip to europe this year that I took on my pentax k1000. I scanned the originals into my computer so it has lost a little quality but you get the idea. It was really rewarding to shoot film, only taking one or two photos of a subject instead of 20. But also the depth this camera captures is beautiful and affecting in it’s own right. These are only a few favourites that I’ve chosen(so hard to choose!!), and I took seven rolls altogether. I think my favourite place to photograph was portugal, the weather was lovely and around every corner seemed to be something interesting. :)




Above is a small selection of tv and movies i’ve recently loved.

I don’t usually do these types of posts, but I thought it would be a neat (both cool and practical) way to compress all the ideas, feelings and photos of the stressful last month on university (plus some other stuff) through photographs.


I am unabashedly a list-maker, of almost anything (it lessens my anxiety about things I have to do etc). Here are just two examples. Yesterday I was thinking about how I am finishing my university undergraduate degree at the end of this year and feeling quite ambivalent about so I wrote this (above) about some pro’s and con’s to make myself feel better about coming to terms with leaving uni for good (well at least for now). I am about to be very busy for the next few weeks writing my thesis and making video art. This is a page from my diary of last week.


Please have a look at my chalkboard stop motion animations on youtube if you’re interested.

This is all the video experiments I have been making in my Fine Arts degree. They are a mixture of whimsical vignette and investigation of unconscious visual material and intuitive process in the creation of narrative.


thank you for visiting :)


It has been a crazy three weeks and I’m glad it’s all over. However now instead of being stressed about everything I have to do, places to go, people to look after, I’m stressed about all the things I’m not doing. I have now fallen into a lull of the hot and sweaty holiday season, sitting next to the fan on a sunday arvo thumbing through The Illustrated Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and looking mournfully around the room at all the mess I need to clean up but alas knowingly I probably will not any time soon… I wonder whether or not I will ever finish reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy then am reminded of the list of books I wrote down that are currently sitting on my shelf that I haven’t read, the christmas presents I haven’t bought yet and the anticipation of taking dvds back to the video store.

The grey skies have indeed cleared up I should put on a happy face. What I want most of all is to go swimming down in Brighton, immersed in freedom of flowing waves and float on top of the water imagining that I am out on a boat sailing towards discovery in the middle of the ocean, vast and desolate; live just for a moment like everything is how I want it…


Slept in after a night of typing,

out at lunchtime with a good friend,

new acquisitions to broaden my library,

who doesn’t love grabbing  bargain,

and searching the shelves to find,

a brilliant gem in all the trash,

wedges and ice coffee in a rustic cafe,

we talk about doing this everyday,

the start of summer opening up new possibilities,

like I had forgotten the benefits,

of a touch of sun and warmth,

brace yourself, organise yourself,

I know we’ll go far.


On the brink of dusk we felt as though we were in a country town once we stepped inside the Oakleigh RSL last friday. Things were still being set up so the three of us grabbed a table near the front and while munching on some mexican buffet a lady with a lighter came round to light our candle. How romantic ;) So after waiting too long to go to the bathroom just chatting in anticipation for the band at our table complete with checked table cloth, I went to the ladies room just moments before the warm-up act started. In between those plaster walls echoing banjo chords graced my ears. The image and music of Darren Hanlon rose to mind. It was the most exciting sound I had heard in a long while. The dull twang and vibration of sound embraced me with a nostalgia and familiarity I never wanted to let go of. I walked out and the one man band had finished tuning his banjo and was into full song. The delicate vocals matched the melody so well and his lyrics personal and touching. I was captivated by the atmosphere, the softly twirling disco ball and passion in his voice. I had to wait after the entire show to find out his name was Isaac de Heer. Although it had been said twice both times were too much of a mumble for me to comprehend. There was a small intermission. Then The Little Stevies were announced on stage and launched straight into my favourite of their songs, the very up-beat, Sunshower. Bouncy and light it was a great start to the set. With a mixture of new and older songs many of them were new to me. The three harmonious voices glide perfectly through almost every song. There was talk of there trip to Los Angeles, amusing anecdotes and a collective happy birthday chorus for Bethany who turned 23 that night and also Robin’s mum who was in the audience. Their lyrics appear as very raw that left me feeling motivated and energetic. It’s nice to hear unpretentious words and stories for a change. After the show I bought myself a CD from the lead singer Bill (yes it is actually a girl) and then took photos of my friend with the two guys from the band Robin and Josh. Although I had some trouble firstly with the focusing, then the flash because no one could keep their eyes open. :) Meanwhile my other friend had been bothered the whole time they were playing by the fact that she recognised Beth from somewhere. As it turned out they both went to the same high school. What a small world and overall a fun night. This was my celebration for finishing my third and possibly last year of university and I have to say it really felt great!



One thing that’s truly great about being a 20-year-old is that being stopped at train stations and shopping centres by an increasing amount of young people in red t-shirts asking me to donate blood, doesn’t bother me. Because all I have to say is I’m 20 and they leave me alone. Life is good.


change happens,

the light it lasts now,

but i cant take it,

i need jumpers and scarves,

working late,

i miss you,

i’m alone,

in these rainclouds,

i’ve developed for myself,

contradiction and hypocrisy,

i want the sun to come out,

but thats my natural way.




Walking the street where you once worked,

I’m reminded of you,

There is the shop you bought a present for me,

You’re on my mind,

A black fluffy cat just like yours scampers past,

Again it’s you,

A lawn just mowed I know you like the smell,

You’re all around me.

Sometimes I feel like watching television makes me increasingly unintelligent… unless I’m watching Man vs. Wild or a documentary on any of the following themes: animals, art, music, plants, astronomy, or how to fashion your own log into a canoe etc. And so I feel like all inspiration for creating and thinking, in general is zapped from my being by the radioactive antennas or maybe that’s just from the microwave when I’m making the popcorn…

Although there are many TV shows that i enjoy watching, sitting idle and staring for hours waiting for them to come on, seems so wrong. I think we all need to move forward with our lives and think of other ways of entertainment, there are many movies of course that deserve more attention than TV, but think of all the hours you could have back of your life to read and learn and write and think and create and invent and explore and enjoy!

not meaning to offend anyone just trying to spread the love. katpig

the fog rolls in,

over our slumber,

my breath revealing,

its ephemeral form to me,

pages turn blank,

blue sky emerges,

but this chill is still present,

inside our tiny abode,

because of the misfortunate,

broken down heater.


this was the end of the film, and i accidently took 4 exposures on top of one another… but am stoked with the result.

About nine in the morning of May 27 i met this charming and extremely fluffy kitty. she wouldn’t leave me alone until i had walked all the way down the street and she realized i wasn’t taking her home, aww

clarendon ave, among many swish homes, housing many sophisticated mothers and husbands and spoilt children, i can only imagine.

the quality of these aren’t fantastic because they are digital photos of analog prints and i’m still getting used to working the camera ;)


You were the Pink Ranger,

Bright Eyes,

Fresh smirk,

The outbreak of new adoration,

The purrs of passing adolesence,

New whiskers,

A sharp reflection,

I’m flushed pink like a tea rose,

Not ashamed of your thin legs,

Chewing gum,

Another generation,

I’ve travelled so far from when I knew you.


it’s now 1 o cock and my thoughts of going home are not totally realizable anymore…

however I have just realized that I have to present my idea for my movie tomorrow in class… it will probably be just as terrible as my last presentation shudder…

well at least my throat pain has gone away a bit, as well as my headache, yay but yet I’m still really tired, I might go eat lunch, it all depends if there is anyone in the common room at the moment… pathetic yes, do I deny it -no.

more funny lobby happenings: the sliding door only slides half way so the men carrying big wooden beams and tables had to maneuver through the doors hehehe I am so horrible and yes the elevator is still broken.