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Hey there, it has been a while since I posted but since then I have made three new zines of both my drawing and writing!

I recently had a stall at the Melbourne Tonerpalooza zine fair (first of its name). It was terrifically fun and scary at the same time. I met a lot of other awesome and lovely zinemakers/buyers. There is also a post about it on the thousands where I’m briefly featured!

So here you go:


IMG_1640 IMG_1644IMG_1642 IMG_1646 IMG_1667IMG_1648 IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1653IMG_1696 IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1661 IMG_1664 IMG_1666


This is the final for an assignment I had to do for university. It was pretty fun but still hard work, much of the animation is very rigid but you get the idea. Just wanted make something funny and a little bit weird. ;)

Music by Alisha Redmond

Here are some more photos and details from my recent exhibition at Punk Milk Gallery.


Still more to come! ;)

Here is a sneak peek from a part of my new animation that i’ve been working on, this is the ‘studio’ (i.e. my bedroom) where i have been shooting it. But i don’t want to reveal too much of it just yet ;)




A Drawing a day week 14!! Wow so many weeks! soon I will reach my goal of one hundred drawings.


Hello! The last week of march is upon us and here are the drawings from my drawing project to go with it. Here’s a small update on me: I am currently;

Reading: Like I Give a Frock by Michi girl

Listening: Hole

Watching: Forest City Rockers! by Jay Howell

Looking: Artwork by Lilli Carre



This is week’s drawings for my Drawing a Day Project. There are less this week because I missed a day for the first time!

Hope you enjoy :) I am also preparing some ideas for new animation and have more drawing pictures coming your way. In the meantime if you care to know I am currently:

Listening to: The Libertines.

Watching: pretty much every video on kate spade new york’ youtube channel, but especially this one by Kinga Burza

Reading : James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.



These are the drawings from week 6 of my Drawing a Day project. The last week of February and summer here in Australia! (please click on the pictures to make them bigger) Got a new sketchbook during the week too woohoo!


I have a profound love of the beach, except when I get unexpected nips on the toes.  ;)

This illustration is acrylic and water colour paint with charcoal pencil over the top.



A small illustration I did a few weeks ago (not a very good scan). I feel as though the serpent is metaphoric  for the devil (as is tradition) and he telling her to do his evil bidding whatever it may be. But who can say that the girl was ever innocent herself, under a spell? Perhaps she knows exactly what she is doing.

It is also yet another reference to one of my favourite fairy tales The Handless Maiden.


I just created a Vimeo account, so now I have accounts for both YouTube and Vimeo for people to watch my films. Finally I’ve uploaded my latest project Flood Sequence ! So now you have a choice of which one to view, better yet why not check out both! haha

This is the artist statement explaining the project I handed in as part of my major studies:

“My film projects this Honours year, particularly Flood Sequence (1:08 mins, three screen video)  seek to manifest the tension between tangible elements such as science and religion, the human body and its necessities, historical events/scriptures and mythical stories into a visual rhythm. The function of absurdity in the fantasy genre and the metaphoric temperament of natural disaster that parallels science fiction apocalyptic visions are present in the work also. The internal logic of the work derives from the medium itself, from the malleability and temporality of the blackboard as a surface and the chalk I use to draw each frame. This ephemeral aspect coalesced with the fluctuating nature of animation gives way for understanding of the film and it’s medium.

Animation in the field of contemporary art however adds extra dimension to the purpose of animation production. Examples of artists who have been exhibiting these ideas are Tabaimo, Nathalie Djurberg, the collective IC-98 and William Kentridge amongst others. I have also been influenced by writers such as Albert Camus (The Myth of Sisyphus) and Roland Barthes (Mythologies), writings on Japanese cinema and anime, such as Phillip Brophy, film-makers Hayao Miyazaki, Michel Gondry and Guy Maddin.

My practice involves attempts at negating the predictability of a structural narrative and of traditional animation. I am aiming to maintain an agenda that is focused on creating films that are visually and ideologically stimulating with multiple ambiguous narratives. The cycle which is a recurrent theme in the work, is metaphoric for the nature of human life, the eternal cycle but also the morbidity that is the inescapable truth that one day one’s cycle of life will be terminated. This can also evoke the sense of restlessness and pending answers to existential questions. These concepts come together through an intuitive working process but also with the consideration for a visual dynamic.”


This is an ongoing piece I am currently working on. This is the first part as it is a work in progress. I am making a multi-paneled animation, so the drawings are going to wander through three frames alongside each other. The row of houses is a visual from a dream I had but the other events I made up. I’d love to know what people think are the strongest elements!


I decided to resolve this animation sequence by creating a visual dynamic that alludes to a cyclic resonance.


Yep you heard right, i have made a zine to accompany this blog, it will be available to buy at Sticky as of tomorrow for all of those lucky enough to be in melbourne :)

Enjoy the sneak peek!



I recently got a new moleskine diary i’ve been so excited about it that i can’t stop making pictures :)


…because he had three left feet.

These are some drawings I did last year at uni. I realized I hadn’t put any of them up  here, so thought it was time to share the love. ;)





After finishing all of my coursework on Monday I decided to celebrate by going to Vinnies (I know, outrageous! haha) and found some really nice material, that I think was originally a tablecloth. But now its this! I’m not sure if it is completely finished yet, I may do something with the neckline as it looks a bit wonky at the moment. For this one I used my sewing machine but no pattern. Is it a little odd that a person celebrates finishing weeks of stressful work by doing more work?! But now that it is officially winter all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch and watch movies and bad soap opera’s…

Anyway i would like to know what people think of the dress ;)






This was yet another project for my drawing class where we had to spend 24 hours on one drawing (not all in a row of course otherwise i probably would have collapsed while doing it) We weren’t allowed to rub any marks out either that is why it’s all in pen. Alas i probably spent more time thinking of what to draw that actually drawing… Anyway here are some photos of the process, sorry for the very bad quality and consistency, they are from my phone camera.

Have not had time to post anything lately because it’s the end of semester when everything is due!! But I have thankfully almost finished all my work so that is excellent. Holidays are going to feel so good.


This was for a drawing class, the project was called Mapping the Self. Some times the mind can be impenetrable  and unconquerable like a medievil castle. Layers of meanings and hidden agendas that we have but don’t even know about…


Even though these drawings are giggle-worthy they do have some serious undertones. Recently I have been reading theories on the interpretations of fairy-tales and their importance in our lives, both as children and adults. The first drawing could be seen to be quite obviously about the lack of gallantry in the common male but also the complexities and perhaps disappointment of contemporary relationships compared to those told in fairy-tales where love conquers all. Subtly how ever in the second one could adopt the Freudian view of the frogs as symbols of the repression of sexual anxieties and/or the liberation of such anxieties. But you don’t have to read into things if you don’t want to then merely enjoy these pictures for what they are to you.