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As it turns out, to my sheer delight, that I don’t destroy everything I touch! It doesn’t turn to gold either but you can’t have everything right?


I got a new camera a few weeks back, a Canon EOS 650D and am having so much fun just snapping away. Yet somehow I still find analogue much easier :P These are just some macro experiments – as well as being genuinely excited that I, renowned cactus-killer, can grow plants again!



Here is a sneak peek from a part of my new animation that i’ve been working on, this is the ‘studio’ (i.e. my bedroom) where i have been shooting it. But i don’t want to reveal too much of it just yet ;)


My photo for Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday.



This is my photo for Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday. (there is a collage of hers with my photo in it if you care to take a peak!)





Above is a small selection of tv and movies i’ve recently loved.

I don’t usually do these types of posts, but I thought it would be a neat (both cool and practical) way to compress all the ideas, feelings and photos of the stressful last month on university (plus some other stuff) through photographs.


My photo as part of Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday (

I will try to participate every week but cannot guarantee success ;)







This was for a drawing class, the project was called Mapping the Self. Some times the mind can be impenetrable  and unconquerable like a medievil castle. Layers of meanings and hidden agendas that we have but don’t even know about…


This is what I was up to during the Easter break, a place to put pictures I like and my first project using my new sewing machine! Sorry for the bad quality photos, have now mixed them in with ok ones.


Who doesn’t right? All these goodies are from my lovely mum, (except the shoes which I bought for myself, both for 10 dollars as well as a cardigan, I also love a bargain ;)


I made this cushion as a Christmas present for my friend out of a second hand pillow case. Making it a bit smaller but keeping the existing buttons. Then I made this simple embroidery pattern of a butterfly from a photo. Stuffing yo can by from lots of craft shops but maybe yo cold also use stuffing from an old cushion you don’t want. Easy! And I’m so glad she actually liked it too :)  So next time you think you don’t have time to make a gift for someone, think again. It’s feels so much better to give a present that you’ve put some genuine effort into. Don’t you think?


. I experimented with a few ways of accentuating the nature of clothes. The approach I was most happy with was creating narratives within the photo to give individual items of clothing a life. This approach involved threading wire through garments to prop them up. I placed clothes in poses that imitated what humans do. I feel like the end product was somewhat melancholic and sad yet humourous. Humour was an element that inevitably came through in the work. I am always seeking to produce strange happenings and somewhat odd or unexpected personifications out of ordinary objects and spaces. This also ties into my major which is Painting. In which I try to submerge the viewer into a disrupted segment of a story or narrative, whether it be through drawing or film. And so in this same way these photos are taken in the middle of an event; there is no beginning and there is no end to their story. We haven’t seen them come to life off the floor exactly but these characters are in motion, going about their own lives as if they were people; yet we don’t even see them. From this perspective then the artwork is not meant to be funny if these people are appearing as lost or forgotten souls. They could even resemble ghosts floating about unnoticed which is something I had not thought of while taking the photos but has become apparent afterwards. The figures take on a creepy appearance of being transparent yet materially real at the same time. That tension and contradiction is what interests me; to be funny and creepy simultaneously. Which brings me to the explanation that these photographs could be portraits of ‘the undead’; a mythical state where the being has died but is still living. However this concept then takes on the humourous role again. So the work for me really is a paradox. In this series there is also a commentary on the nature of objects and possessions. Why we buy the things we do and how we personify these objects, for example clothing, furniture and ornaments etc. Because all of these things don’t make us who we are yet we think they do. Clothing is the best example of this where your clothes can instantly tell some one else about you, somehow. There are certain clothes that connect you to a certain group, like religious groups, social groups etc. And of course there are gender differences in clothes and this interests me because in many of my photos you can’t tell the gender (except for the dress). And I wonder if this affects the way they are viewed or if it’s something that isn’t even thought about.

Altogether this project was about exploring the nature of clothes and hidden identities with playfulness and a comical melancholy.


A paradox which I cannot explain, just like the human brain.

I’m not trying to be anything I”m not. I’m not trying to be anything at all.

There’s a special moment when you hear the title of a song that only appears once because it’s not part of the chorus .

A crooked tooth in a perfect smile.

That content feeling of sitting on your bed eating leftover pizza.

I borrowed 7 books from the library today, its so exciting because it’s like they are free books. But alas I know I have to take them back soon…


These drawings are excerpts from my visual diary at the moment, I’m thinking alot about places we live, what makes a home and the nature of furniture as important objects in our lives…


I could not resist writing about this record, it is the opposite of disapointment. It is everything i could have expected from one of my favourite aussie singer songwriters and more. Rousing in me feelings that are so familiar and comforting, folky melodies letting you know everything will be alright :) He is spot on with all kinds of personal situations and emotions, one that we’ve all felt, gently yet certainly diving outside the square and thinking of all the small, insignificant details of life that can often grow into important aspects of our life. There is a restlessness that roams in these lyrics, a mind full of questions that can’t or don’t need to be answered. 

I have done this drawing out of  inspiration from this album:

“So I gave away my clothes to charity,

And turned off my TV for clarity,

But some days I still envy those,

Walking around wearing my clothes,

So I’ll plant a tree I’ll never see grow,

Put a seed in the ground where no one will know,

Gonna make my plan when the morning breaks,

But I just don’t know how long it will take…” -Folk Insomnia


Woohoo for homemade flags! they are so easy to do! Just one of my holiday projects :)


This grey carpet,

this grey scarf,

you could be the same,

melting and sewing together,

cream walls,

sinking into the lino,

blinds growing,

out of blue cupboards.


the fog rolls in,

over our slumber,

my breath revealing,

its ephemeral form to me,

pages turn blank,

blue sky emerges,

but this chill is still present,

inside our tiny abode,

because of the misfortunate,

broken down heater.


this was the end of the film, and i accidently took 4 exposures on top of one another… but am stoked with the result.

About nine in the morning of May 27 i met this charming and extremely fluffy kitty. she wouldn’t leave me alone until i had walked all the way down the street and she realized i wasn’t taking her home, aww

clarendon ave, among many swish homes, housing many sophisticated mothers and husbands and spoilt children, i can only imagine.

the quality of these aren’t fantastic because they are digital photos of analog prints and i’m still getting used to working the camera ;)


On the second floor,

It’s not empty anymore,

Some people came,

And the flat became,

A home, a living space,

Not just a hollow case.