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Another year, another zine fair.

This year was the best one yet, for me anyway. I created a new called Sheena, with a central character of the same name. This was different to things I have done before because I used the same character throughout instead of a selection of random drawings. This purpose made me make a better zine than I ever have. It verges on comic book but not quite, it has no real narrative. Sheena is special to me nonetheless, because she basically is me.



coverScan 2Scan 3Scan 7Scan 13Scan 14

Some of these zines you can buy on my etsy store.

Thanks for reading!


Here are some belated photos from my trip to europe this year that I took on my pentax k1000. I scanned the originals into my computer so it has lost a little quality but you get the idea. It was really rewarding to shoot film, only taking one or two photos of a subject instead of 20. But also the depth this camera captures is beautiful and affecting in it’s own right. These are only a few favourites that I’ve chosen(so hard to choose!!), and I took seven rolls altogether. I think my favourite place to photograph was portugal, the weather was lovely and around every corner seemed to be something interesting. :)


I decided to resolve this animation sequence by creating a visual dynamic that alludes to a cyclic resonance.








This is the remnants of a scultpure by Gaye Jurisich in Cottesloe for Sculpture by the sea. (which i wrote about in my previous post).


Always someone’s cousin,

Have you ever sculled yogurt?

The dimly lit street, I run my hand over the wet rail and out of nowhere a voice breaks the silence. Out in the void it shares it’s desire for freedom and finally it has come. But suddenly a rude awakening of a separate presence quietens this expression. And all is insular again.

Tea is resting on the window sil. Scones on the pillow. A man walks to his car in the rain, pencil behind his ear. Dog barks across the road, he is trapped behind a gate. My previous plans destroyed because of whispy drops. Some one has placed stones carefully on top the garden wall between two houses. Not all the leaves have departed their branches, instead they choose to prolong their lively dance until they fall and lie suffocated by footsteps and stapled down by gravity for all time.

Everyone is a sensationalist.

Put ingredients into the melting pot, thanks for the advice it helped a lot.

Ordering song files by date could only work if all files had their date attached to them, compared to alphabetical order where everything obviously has a title. However I would want artists arranged alphabetically and then the albums arranged by date. Well that could make things a bit confusing – for all those unenlightened to such an immaculate system.

Sinking into mama bears soft chair until the fire melts me stiff.

An artist is always searching and then again always finding. Yet he never stops , whether he is working or his art is working – or not.

I hate chain stores, I hate umbrellas. Rain and paper bags equals the crushing of my spirit.


That poor swan. The two boys taunted it out onto the frozen lake and but it couldn’t stay balanced properly and actually fell over. It was very funny but very sad in a lot of ways. We were on our way to Regents Park I think, or maybe Campden market. Yes that was probably what it was. However it didn’t live up to all my great expectations and hype. This would have been around the same time last year, if not exactly. It was the first time my partner and I had seen snow and ice on our Europe tour. Quite exciting for people from down under.

On Christmas day we went for a walk through Wimbledon Common. My main aim was to find wombles and prove to ecstatic children across the world (including myself) their secret existence but instead we found a christmas tree. A small pine some one had decorated with tinsle. It was quite magical yet it was so isolated. It was a rather quite morning save for a few families on bikes or taking their dog/s for a walk. They were all smart enough to wear gumboots, but seeing as we humble backpackers had none we had to settle for muddy splodges half way up the back of our trousers or in my case stockings.

Having Christmas away from my family was a whole new experience to me. No glamourous presents under a fresh smelling christmas tree, no home made shortbread, no ambience vibrating through the house filled with footsteps, gasps or whispers of excitement and chatter. Instead it felt mostly… quiet. And a took a moment to relish and embrace this silence, this special unique feeling of solitude. In saying this though the mere fact that I knew it was christmas gave the day reverence and joy, which is what makes christmas day so wonderful. Also I made sure that I went to church in the morning, this helped compensate the lack of family and familiarity in general.

Later that afternoon we trundled down to an apartment in Wandsworth for lunch. The combination of corny christmas specials, a comfy couch, relaxed conversation with new friends and my wonderful partner as well as of course roast vegies was simply delightful. It was so nice to be inside a warm house with the weather outside so chilly and dreary. It didn’t snow on christmas day but it had the day before and finally the concept of christmas made sense to me. All the snow flake ornaments, carols, snow, mulled wine, roast turkey etc never make any sense in Australia because its warm over here during december but when you are in the northen hemisphere it all feels so right. People need something to cheer them up when its so awful outside.

Anyway this year my expectation has decreased slightly, perhaps because of this overseas experience I’m not sure but I do know that everything in my life is changing and so is my family and things need to change otherwise we’ll never grow. And however sad it is that I’ll never feel the same way I did as if I were 6 or 7 waking up at 6 30 Christmas morning I can still elish in my heart the true joy and meaning of Christmas. And that is of course Jesus Christ.

I think I may have been a bit harsh on the situation last year because after all I did get a new wallet from Cath Kidston (which for me seeing a Cath Kidston store was amazing in itself), a new journal and a voucher for Waterstones where I bought the Odyssey by Homer which is still sitting on my bookshelf now, unread.

Sadly there is no group photo :( however I did get a photo of this awesome fridge :)


this was the end of the film, and i accidently took 4 exposures on top of one another… but am stoked with the result.

About nine in the morning of May 27 i met this charming and extremely fluffy kitty. she wouldn’t leave me alone until i had walked all the way down the street and she realized i wasn’t taking her home, aww

clarendon ave, among many swish homes, housing many sophisticated mothers and husbands and spoilt children, i can only imagine.

the quality of these aren’t fantastic because they are digital photos of analog prints and i’m still getting used to working the camera ;)


attic windows,

cars and dogs,

boys throwing stones,

tripping over logs,

the balcony door,

my bike in the rain,

stains on the floor,

a cobbled lane,

overgrown honeycomb,

too many bees,

a dark room,

an urge to climb trees,

big orange bins,

jumping puddles,

hot bitumen,

getting long cuddles,

sand in your toes,

traffic lights and fences,

surrounded by woes,

gum under benches,

oversized jackets,

dyeing hair,

noodles in packets,

moments to share.