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This is the final for an assignment I had to do for university. It was pretty fun but still hard work, much of the animation is very rigid but you get the idea. Just wanted make something funny and a little bit weird. ;)

Music by Alisha Redmond


Hello, just calling to say I have made a new A5 zine (very exciting!) and it is now for sale on my Etsy site. It contains recent drawings and illustrations of mine as well as a longer poem at the very end. There are 16 pages and it is bound with red cotton thread. There is a caption to go with each drawing which are generally about self-preservation or me personally and thoughts about some different aspects of life in a quirky manner. :) Also if you reside in Melbourne you can pick up a copy at Sticky Institute (lucky you!) and check out the other awesome zines they have there as well, no shipping required! I am very glad to have an outlet for all these drawings and ideas. Here are a coupe of preview images:

IMG_1542 IMG_1549 IMG_1552IMG_1544new1550







Hello there :)

Here are some drawings for you. The top two are just some doodles i did that came out quite good in  funny way that is. The rest are some sketches for a little story i made up about a girl called Soso who finds a strange creature in the forest and keeps it in her cupboard. ;)


Some images from my new zine! Yay! which is now available online via to my etsy store ! OR if you live in Melbourne head on down to Sticky and grab yourself one!

I also have available now custom made tote bags like the one I made and posted here, for a reasonable price, also on etsy, how very exciting! And of course there is a whole range of my drawings and illustrations there as well if you are interested :)

Love katpig



These are a couple of photos I took downstairs near my house of some of my animal friends, just hanging out. It looks like they could be on some kind of adventure in an eerie wood…

I am in the midst of thinking of new ideas for an animation/s.


I have a profound love of the beach, except when I get unexpected nips on the toes.  ;)

This illustration is acrylic and water colour paint with charcoal pencil over the top.



A small illustration I did a few weeks ago (not a very good scan). I feel as though the serpent is metaphoric  for the devil (as is tradition) and he telling her to do his evil bidding whatever it may be. But who can say that the girl was ever innocent herself, under a spell? Perhaps she knows exactly what she is doing.

It is also yet another reference to one of my favourite fairy tales The Handless Maiden.


I decided to resolve this animation sequence by creating a visual dynamic that alludes to a cyclic resonance.


…because he had three left feet.

These are some drawings I did last year at uni. I realized I hadn’t put any of them up  here, so thought it was time to share the love. ;)





This was for a drawing class, the project was called Mapping the Self. Some times the mind can be impenetrable  and unconquerable like a medievil castle. Layers of meanings and hidden agendas that we have but don’t even know about…


Even though these drawings are giggle-worthy they do have some serious undertones. Recently I have been reading theories on the interpretations of fairy-tales and their importance in our lives, both as children and adults. The first drawing could be seen to be quite obviously about the lack of gallantry in the common male but also the complexities and perhaps disappointment of contemporary relationships compared to those told in fairy-tales where love conquers all. Subtly how ever in the second one could adopt the Freudian view of the frogs as symbols of the repression of sexual anxieties and/or the liberation of such anxieties. But you don’t have to read into things if you don’t want to then merely enjoy these pictures for what they are to you.


Here are some pictures that I’ve created over the past week. I forget how fun it is to collage :)


This is another one of my hand made gift ideas. Just like the cushion this horse was made for that same friend. The inspiration was taken from Michel Gondry’s ‘The Science of Sleep’. I am now thinking of making a whole series of animals and animating them. There was no pattern for this horse I simply made it up by guessing shapes and sizes. All of it is hand sewn and the mane was particularly time consuming as all the peices of wool are individually sewn on. The rest of the horse is made out of grey felt, the same wool for the tail and buttons for eyes. It was very fun to make and I really encourage anyone to create things with their hands and their imagination.

katpig :)



. I experimented with a few ways of accentuating the nature of clothes. The approach I was most happy with was creating narratives within the photo to give individual items of clothing a life. This approach involved threading wire through garments to prop them up. I placed clothes in poses that imitated what humans do. I feel like the end product was somewhat melancholic and sad yet humourous. Humour was an element that inevitably came through in the work. I am always seeking to produce strange happenings and somewhat odd or unexpected personifications out of ordinary objects and spaces. This also ties into my major which is Painting. In which I try to submerge the viewer into a disrupted segment of a story or narrative, whether it be through drawing or film. And so in this same way these photos are taken in the middle of an event; there is no beginning and there is no end to their story. We haven’t seen them come to life off the floor exactly but these characters are in motion, going about their own lives as if they were people; yet we don’t even see them. From this perspective then the artwork is not meant to be funny if these people are appearing as lost or forgotten souls. They could even resemble ghosts floating about unnoticed which is something I had not thought of while taking the photos but has become apparent afterwards. The figures take on a creepy appearance of being transparent yet materially real at the same time. That tension and contradiction is what interests me; to be funny and creepy simultaneously. Which brings me to the explanation that these photographs could be portraits of ‘the undead’; a mythical state where the being has died but is still living. However this concept then takes on the humourous role again. So the work for me really is a paradox. In this series there is also a commentary on the nature of objects and possessions. Why we buy the things we do and how we personify these objects, for example clothing, furniture and ornaments etc. Because all of these things don’t make us who we are yet we think they do. Clothing is the best example of this where your clothes can instantly tell some one else about you, somehow. There are certain clothes that connect you to a certain group, like religious groups, social groups etc. And of course there are gender differences in clothes and this interests me because in many of my photos you can’t tell the gender (except for the dress). And I wonder if this affects the way they are viewed or if it’s something that isn’t even thought about.

Altogether this project was about exploring the nature of clothes and hidden identities with playfulness and a comical melancholy.


Today I joined all my stop-frame animations together and made a gif. The quality isn’t very good but is still exciting. Please stay to see all of them :) Finishing off all your coursework for the year feels really good. It is encouraging when people let you know that it wasn’t all a waste of time. Thank you to those people ;) Now it’s time to celebrate woohoo!!

Here is my statement that goes with my work:

This semester I have focused on the medium of drawing and occasionally stop frame animation techniques. These embrace the world of the imaginary; they appear as though they are scenes taken from the leaf of a children’s book. However many of the drawings are dealing with emotions and motifs that don’t register straight away when you look at them and that in fact subvert the traditional conventions of the fairy tale. A lot of the themes such as humour and longing stem from experiences and/or things I would like to change in my own life. Recently I have begun reading psychological texts such as The Feminine in Fairytales by the Jungian writer Marie-Luise von Franz. Her writing has influenced my work in terms of the symbols and imagery that I have been appropriating. This reading has helped me shape an imaginary world that attempts to depict a psychological reality.My work is also influenced by Francis Alys, Vivienne Shark Le-witt, Paul Noble and Jenny Watson.


These drawings are excerpts from my visual diary at the moment, I’m thinking alot about places we live, what makes a home and the nature of furniture as important objects in our lives…


These are some drawing I did as part of my first semester assessment. I really loves rhymes and how they can create any visual image of scenario, I like to make humorous pictures. So these are also just ant exploration of the english language and the paralells within it.


‘that old chestnut’

‘the cat’s pjamas’

‘the bees knees’

‘great snakes!’

‘jeez louise’

‘its all gone to custard’

‘cool beans’

‘she’s apples’

‘nice work if you can get it’ (and if you get it, won’t you tell me how)

The thought of leaving,

Horrible! Unthinkable!

So comfy so cosy,

I’m not getting up for you,

Even if you are working,

And its obvious I am not,

Its the only time,

That I can be cruel,

Hogging and overtaking,

The only working lobby computer…