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This is the final for an assignment I had to do for university. It was pretty fun but still hard work, much of the animation is very rigid but you get the idea. Just wanted make something funny and a little bit weird. ;)

Music by Alisha Redmond


This is a rough animatic for a project I am working on at uni at the moment. This is not the finished product however that will be vastly more colourful and much smoother animation. I will also post that when I’m done. Very excited that its coming together though :)  The sound is very basic and not edited too well but the finished animation will have ironed out all that.

The story is basically a girl who loves too eat dirt. However little tiny grass shoots start popping up all over her body, she freaks at first out but continues to eat the dirt. It’s a vicious cycle with many possible interpretations.

long time no post :( but good news! Here is a new film I made for a film class. It’s called day in the life of bear. I don’t own the rights to the music

zoo01 zoo03

zoo05zoo08 zoo10 zoo11 zoo14 zoo17 zoo20 zoo23 zoo26 collinsstreetcirce

The last two were from the day after, but i threw them in for good measure ;) I feel like the butterfly photos turned out the best, after all it was the best part of the zoo. In many ways it was good to use film because I wasn’t taking 20 photos of one thing, just one or two – which enables you to hold your focus better and become a more considerate photographer. (However in taking many you are bound to come up with photos that were worth the multitudes.)

sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while, but now i am on holidays again so there is no excuse :P

hope you enjoy,


<p><a href=”″>Critters – Animation by Katherine Pigott</a> from <a href=”″>Katherine Pigott</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

A new animation I have been working on! It is still a working progress, I need to edit it a lot more so it doesn’t look so rough. It is yet to be titled, but something like “critters’ is all I can think of so far. I made all the characters and set and filmed it in my apartment.

Hope you enjoy,

Here is a sneak peek from a part of my new animation that i’ve been working on, this is the ‘studio’ (i.e. my bedroom) where i have been shooting it. But i don’t want to reveal too much of it just yet ;)


     Here is finally part two to this post, photography from a roll last year. Sadly all my favourites are in the other post. But the dark haze in many of these make them seem very mysterious and interesting in their own right. The second photo from the top was taken by my partner – he took quite a while on it too :)



These are some photos i took during the year, with my Pentax K1000, though out of the whole roll of film only 10 photos came out nicely. So here a few, I will post some more after I get them scanned. Also that is why there are some lines and scratches on a few of the photos, because of the scanner.

There is something lovely in the anticipation of waiting for film to be developed, it is a special occasion and sometimes you have a roll from a long time ago and you re-live or discover moments you had forgotten. That’s my favourite thing about film photography, the split second moments you capture; moments you can never get back, except in image form. The other amazing thing about film is the richness of colour and the depth in the detail. There is definitely something beautiful in the way that you can feel as if you were there again. A photograph is also an object, when it’s developed and printed, you can hold it in your hand, you own it. Whereas digital is much more elusive, though there are many conveniences and upsides of using digital of course but I suppose that now film is being subsided by digital it seems more romantic to use film.

These photos and more are on my flickr account (of which I am new to!) so if you like these you can also check that out :)


I just created a Vimeo account, so now I have accounts for both YouTube and Vimeo for people to watch my films. Finally I’ve uploaded my latest project Flood Sequence ! So now you have a choice of which one to view, better yet why not check out both! haha

This is the artist statement explaining the project I handed in as part of my major studies:

“My film projects this Honours year, particularly Flood Sequence (1:08 mins, three screen video)  seek to manifest the tension between tangible elements such as science and religion, the human body and its necessities, historical events/scriptures and mythical stories into a visual rhythm. The function of absurdity in the fantasy genre and the metaphoric temperament of natural disaster that parallels science fiction apocalyptic visions are present in the work also. The internal logic of the work derives from the medium itself, from the malleability and temporality of the blackboard as a surface and the chalk I use to draw each frame. This ephemeral aspect coalesced with the fluctuating nature of animation gives way for understanding of the film and it’s medium.

Animation in the field of contemporary art however adds extra dimension to the purpose of animation production. Examples of artists who have been exhibiting these ideas are Tabaimo, Nathalie Djurberg, the collective IC-98 and William Kentridge amongst others. I have also been influenced by writers such as Albert Camus (The Myth of Sisyphus) and Roland Barthes (Mythologies), writings on Japanese cinema and anime, such as Phillip Brophy, film-makers Hayao Miyazaki, Michel Gondry and Guy Maddin.

My practice involves attempts at negating the predictability of a structural narrative and of traditional animation. I am aiming to maintain an agenda that is focused on creating films that are visually and ideologically stimulating with multiple ambiguous narratives. The cycle which is a recurrent theme in the work, is metaphoric for the nature of human life, the eternal cycle but also the morbidity that is the inescapable truth that one day one’s cycle of life will be terminated. This can also evoke the sense of restlessness and pending answers to existential questions. These concepts come together through an intuitive working process but also with the consideration for a visual dynamic.”


This is an image for our Honours yearbook (to be produced independently and is not affliated with the Monash Graduand Show catalogue – both of which I will post photos of later on).  I know this picture is quite small but you get the idea. I feel like I have spent more time drawing storyboards than I have on my actual animation/filming! But that’s the way it goes I guess :) The end of my university years(so far) is nigh…