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Here are some pages from my red notebook that i made a few months ago. I just had a whole bunch of national geographics and vogues and went crazy. There is something soothing about colour coordination. Well, for those like me who take comfort in organising/archiving and eye-drooling visual pleasure that colour produces.



After finishing all of my coursework on Monday I decided to celebrate by going to Vinnies (I know, outrageous! haha) and found some really nice material, that I think was originally a tablecloth. But now its this! I’m not sure if it is completely finished yet, I may do something with the neckline as it looks a bit wonky at the moment. For this one I used my sewing machine but no pattern. Is it a little odd that a person celebrates finishing weeks of stressful work by doing more work?! But now that it is officially winter all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch and watch movies and bad soap opera’s…

Anyway i would like to know what people think of the dress ;)






Perfect for Mother’s day, i have made this one for my mum who loves creamy/peachy tones and all things frilly and girlie. Hope she likes it!

All pieces of fabric and beads are hand sewn together, why not try it?


This is what I was up to during the Easter break, a place to put pictures I like and my first project using my new sewing machine! Sorry for the bad quality photos, have now mixed them in with ok ones.


I made this dress to take advantage of the half price sale at Lincraft this week. I used a pattern that I bought from a second hand store. It was quite simple really, just cut out the shapes and sew them together then make some adjustments after I tried it on. However I feel like perhaps I should have made some selvages for the neck and arm holes as that probably would look better than what I have done. I don’t own a sewing machine so I sewed it all by hand, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Anyway I’m very happy with it, of the course the length could be shorter or longer depending on what you like. It’s a very summery dress, though it doesn’t feel much like summer in Melbourne at the moment, I hope it heats up so I can wear it!


I absolutely love finding new stores where i can pick up great stuff for so cheap! The place i went today is off glenferrie road and it was like a cave of wonders, with all the elements that a great op shop should have, mountains of books as far as the eye can see and shoes scattered nderneath all shelves amongst flippers and  roller blades and miscellaneos kitchen tensils all 50 cents each. With plastic jewellery and porcelain ornaments cluttering the front window attracting the twinkle eyed passers by, such as myself ;) and you simply can’t forget the cheery seniours who’ll accept “whatever change you’ve got, love.”

ahhh… the best kind of good time

love katpig

grey socks with stockings,

her hair is all knotty,

a blue overcoat,

to hide away her figure,

sweet, poignant features,

and slender fingers,

her name is jackie,

about her i wonder,

with a voice high but droll,

she is charming and dainty,

shy and sorrowful,

making me ponder,

on memories of mysterious things,

beautiful and dreamy things,

things that are yet to happen,

she is always looking tired,

she is a doll,

she is jackie.