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I am unabashedly a list-maker, of almost anything (it lessens my anxiety about things I have to do etc). Here are just two examples. Yesterday I was thinking about how I am finishing my university undergraduate degree at the end of this year and feeling quite ambivalent about so I wrote this (above) about some pro’s and con’s to make myself feel better about coming to terms with leaving uni for good (well at least for now). I am about to be very busy for the next few weeks writing my thesis and making video art. This is a page from my diary of last week.



Here are some snaps of a few sketches/storyboarding I’ve been doing lately as brainstorming for my next animation sequence. Though most of my ‘sketches ‘ are just lists and rhetorical questions… So come my way inspiration!   katpig ;)

I made this creation on a walk one morning and upon making it I thought it must have been my greatest creation ever. The problem was though, it would fall off if I brushed against something such as my hair. (It’s wierd to see my hands close up like this)… anyway I wanted to share a bit of creative writing that I have been doing lately.I’m not quite sure what it is for or where it is going but it’s here for people to read, and hopefully have something to say about it.

Sometimes the apartment creaked. This made her feel uneasy, as if she didn’t have enough reminders that she was alone. It was as though the walls proclaimed it to her in their dull ruptures or prolonged shrieks. Like anyone she kept herself busy with seemingly unimportant tasks yet they were justified by her own want of productivity. Amid these activities and the stop/starting of records were moments of wafting silence. At times she delighted and relished these, feeling satisfied by not having to interpret noises around her. Sometimes it distresses her, making her long for something anything to keep her from herself. She needs voices to distract her, so she puts on the radio or plays some music. Other times it made her rigid and by some unseen force made compelled to just sit at the table staring for long minutes at nothing in particular. Frozen in this sate her eyes float over things around her and out of the window, nothing melts her. Perhaps she isn’t even thinking at all, trying to pry thoughts out of the mass of blankness. She closes her eyes and the silence swallows her, she is enveloped by the endless possibilities the silence offers her.


This was yet another project for my drawing class where we had to spend 24 hours on one drawing (not all in a row of course otherwise i probably would have collapsed while doing it) We weren’t allowed to rub any marks out either that is why it’s all in pen. Alas i probably spent more time thinking of what to draw that actually drawing… Anyway here are some photos of the process, sorry for the very bad quality and consistency, they are from my phone camera.

Have not had time to post anything lately because it’s the end of semester when everything is due!! But I have thankfully almost finished all my work so that is excellent. Holidays are going to feel so good.


Always someone’s cousin,

Have you ever sculled yogurt?

The dimly lit street, I run my hand over the wet rail and out of nowhere a voice breaks the silence. Out in the void it shares it’s desire for freedom and finally it has come. But suddenly a rude awakening of a separate presence quietens this expression. And all is insular again.

Tea is resting on the window sil. Scones on the pillow. A man walks to his car in the rain, pencil behind his ear. Dog barks across the road, he is trapped behind a gate. My previous plans destroyed because of whispy drops. Some one has placed stones carefully on top the garden wall between two houses. Not all the leaves have departed their branches, instead they choose to prolong their lively dance until they fall and lie suffocated by footsteps and stapled down by gravity for all time.

Everyone is a sensationalist.

Put ingredients into the melting pot, thanks for the advice it helped a lot.

Ordering song files by date could only work if all files had their date attached to them, compared to alphabetical order where everything obviously has a title. However I would want artists arranged alphabetically and then the albums arranged by date. Well that could make things a bit confusing – for all those unenlightened to such an immaculate system.

Sinking into mama bears soft chair until the fire melts me stiff.

An artist is always searching and then again always finding. Yet he never stops , whether he is working or his art is working – or not.

I hate chain stores, I hate umbrellas. Rain and paper bags equals the crushing of my spirit.


It has been a crazy three weeks and I’m glad it’s all over. However now instead of being stressed about everything I have to do, places to go, people to look after, I’m stressed about all the things I’m not doing. I have now fallen into a lull of the hot and sweaty holiday season, sitting next to the fan on a sunday arvo thumbing through The Illustrated Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and looking mournfully around the room at all the mess I need to clean up but alas knowingly I probably will not any time soon… I wonder whether or not I will ever finish reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy then am reminded of the list of books I wrote down that are currently sitting on my shelf that I haven’t read, the christmas presents I haven’t bought yet and the anticipation of taking dvds back to the video store.

The grey skies have indeed cleared up I should put on a happy face. What I want most of all is to go swimming down in Brighton, immersed in freedom of flowing waves and float on top of the water imagining that I am out on a boat sailing towards discovery in the middle of the ocean, vast and desolate; live just for a moment like everything is how I want it…



One thing that’s truly great about being a 20-year-old is that being stopped at train stations and shopping centres by an increasing amount of young people in red t-shirts asking me to donate blood, doesn’t bother me. Because all I have to say is I’m 20 and they leave me alone. Life is good.


A paradox which I cannot explain, just like the human brain.

I’m not trying to be anything I”m not. I’m not trying to be anything at all.

There’s a special moment when you hear the title of a song that only appears once because it’s not part of the chorus .

A crooked tooth in a perfect smile.

That content feeling of sitting on your bed eating leftover pizza.

I borrowed 7 books from the library today, its so exciting because it’s like they are free books. But alas I know I have to take them back soon…


change happens,

the light it lasts now,

but i cant take it,

i need jumpers and scarves,

working late,

i miss you,

i’m alone,

in these rainclouds,

i’ve developed for myself,

contradiction and hypocrisy,

i want the sun to come out,

but thats my natural way.



She waits, she fidgets, where is the adventure she anticipated?

Oh yes, it has been chased away by men and loud noises, that pull her consciousness back to reality,

But still, in this moment her thoughts linger and dwell, on all the creatures that live in these trees and under this floor of grasses and shrubs,

Torn between and fading into a background of burnt bark and running way, getting lost, being alone.




I could not resist writing about this record, it is the opposite of disapointment. It is everything i could have expected from one of my favourite aussie singer songwriters and more. Rousing in me feelings that are so familiar and comforting, folky melodies letting you know everything will be alright :) He is spot on with all kinds of personal situations and emotions, one that we’ve all felt, gently yet certainly diving outside the square and thinking of all the small, insignificant details of life that can often grow into important aspects of our life. There is a restlessness that roams in these lyrics, a mind full of questions that can’t or don’t need to be answered. 

I have done this drawing out of  inspiration from this album:

“So I gave away my clothes to charity,

And turned off my TV for clarity,

But some days I still envy those,

Walking around wearing my clothes,

So I’ll plant a tree I’ll never see grow,

Put a seed in the ground where no one will know,

Gonna make my plan when the morning breaks,

But I just don’t know how long it will take…” -Folk Insomnia


This grey carpet,

this grey scarf,

you could be the same,

melting and sewing together,

cream walls,

sinking into the lino,

blinds growing,

out of blue cupboards.


Sometimes I feel like watching television makes me increasingly unintelligent… unless I’m watching Man vs. Wild or a documentary on any of the following themes: animals, art, music, plants, astronomy, or how to fashion your own log into a canoe etc. And so I feel like all inspiration for creating and thinking, in general is zapped from my being by the radioactive antennas or maybe that’s just from the microwave when I’m making the popcorn…

Although there are many TV shows that i enjoy watching, sitting idle and staring for hours waiting for them to come on, seems so wrong. I think we all need to move forward with our lives and think of other ways of entertainment, there are many movies of course that deserve more attention than TV, but think of all the hours you could have back of your life to read and learn and write and think and create and invent and explore and enjoy!

not meaning to offend anyone just trying to spread the love. katpig

You were the Pink Ranger,

Bright Eyes,

Fresh smirk,

The outbreak of new adoration,

The purrs of passing adolesence,

New whiskers,

A sharp reflection,

I’m flushed pink like a tea rose,

Not ashamed of your thin legs,

Chewing gum,

Another generation,

I’ve travelled so far from when I knew you.


I absolutely love finding new stores where i can pick up great stuff for so cheap! The place i went today is off glenferrie road and it was like a cave of wonders, with all the elements that a great op shop should have, mountains of books as far as the eye can see and shoes scattered nderneath all shelves amongst flippers and  roller blades and miscellaneos kitchen tensils all 50 cents each. With plastic jewellery and porcelain ornaments cluttering the front window attracting the twinkle eyed passers by, such as myself ;) and you simply can’t forget the cheery seniours who’ll accept “whatever change you’ve got, love.”

ahhh… the best kind of good time

love katpig


You broke my heart,

Upon your stairs,

I lost my cares,

San Michel,

Where tears fell,

Champs Elysees

I faded away.



Sky that is pale,

Ink drawing,

Soft waves falling,

Empty bed,

Books waiting to be read.