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The last two were from the day after, but i threw them in for good measure ;) I feel like the butterfly photos turned out the best, after all it was the best part of the zoo. In many ways it was good to use film because I wasn’t taking 20 photos of one thing, just one or two – which enables you to hold your focus better and become a more considerate photographer. (However in taking many you are bound to come up with photos that were worth the multitudes.)

sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while, but now i am on holidays again so there is no excuse :P

hope you enjoy,



Here are some belated photos from my trip to europe this year that I took on my pentax k1000. I scanned the originals into my computer so it has lost a little quality but you get the idea. It was really rewarding to shoot film, only taking one or two photos of a subject instead of 20. But also the depth this camera captures is beautiful and affecting in it’s own right. These are only a few favourites that I’ve chosen(so hard to choose!!), and I took seven rolls altogether. I think my favourite place to photograph was portugal, the weather was lovely and around every corner seemed to be something interesting. :)


Here are some more photos and details from my recent exhibition at Punk Milk Gallery.


Still more to come! ;)

On Friday I installed my very first solo exhibition in Frankston, at a gallery called Punk Milk with help from all the wonderful people there. It was super exciting!! but of course stressful too. It is on until Thursday of this week. It was a lot of work for just one week of showing but definitely worth it :) I exhibited a series of framed watercolour illustrations, all my journals from the last 6 months, various sketches, a new zine, two stop motion animation projections and the paper and plushie characters that acted in them. For those who can’t make it here are some photos to ogle, that I took today while gallery sitting.


Here is the artists statement that I provided also (and rustled up at the last minute ;)


Katherine Pigott is a Melbourne-based emerging artist working in the field of animation, drawing and watercolour illustration.

‘A World Defined by Dreams’ is based around ideas of the earth’s natural cycles, the relationship between man and nature and also narrative and fantasy as a form of cathartic process. Its main focus however is on these visions of an otherworldly kind that are somehow so familiar.

These ‘otherworldly’ depictions show isolation, destruction, transformation, fear and longing. Yet they appear hopeful and inspired by the greater powers and potential mysteries of the planet.

Dreams are a starting point for visual association and further ideas and brainstorming. The commanding visuals in dreams can be so impressive on the mind that there is a need to put it on paper or in motion somehow. Drawing acts as an investigation into the understanding of dreams and the further regions of the brain untouched by conscious thinking. Each drawing is like one moment captured in the timeline of thoughts that travel through one’s mind; they are just the beginning of a story that the viewer has to finish in whatever way they choose. And just like in a dream the viewer can end up in the middle of a story or place with no idea how they got there.  Unlike traditional storytelling, these images don’t give so much away, the mystery in a drawing can be the most interesting part. Many of the works also embody and describe the intuitive process of drawing itself and in the case of the two films showing, the way in which the medium of animation has the ability to dictate narrative and process.

While displaying personal sentiments and questions, crises etc, each work describes in some way a universal predicament, a human predicament.


Thanks for reading, I hope it was somewhat interesting for you. I’ll leave you again (after such a long break) with the newest film I showed, right here.



I took these photos on my phone during my recent trip to europe. we travelled in a van and three ferries. It wa a mish mash of rain, sunshine, sandy beaches and pebbley ones, long drives and breathless views, animal encounters and personal reflections. (and a taste of art too!) These are only random snaps as I took many more on my film camera (pentaxk1000) and have yet to get digital copies. So I hope you enjoy some of these for now :)

nice to be back in melbourne even though it is chill and cold,



Here is a sneak peek from a part of my new animation that i’ve been working on, this is the ‘studio’ (i.e. my bedroom) where i have been shooting it. But i don’t want to reveal too much of it just yet ;)




These are a couple of photos I took downstairs near my house of some of my animal friends, just hanging out. It looks like they could be on some kind of adventure in an eerie wood…

I am in the midst of thinking of new ideas for an animation/s.


     Here is finally part two to this post, photography from a roll last year. Sadly all my favourites are in the other post. But the dark haze in many of these make them seem very mysterious and interesting in their own right. The second photo from the top was taken by my partner – he took quite a while on it too :)



These are some photos i took during the year, with my Pentax K1000, though out of the whole roll of film only 10 photos came out nicely. So here a few, I will post some more after I get them scanned. Also that is why there are some lines and scratches on a few of the photos, because of the scanner.

There is something lovely in the anticipation of waiting for film to be developed, it is a special occasion and sometimes you have a roll from a long time ago and you re-live or discover moments you had forgotten. That’s my favourite thing about film photography, the split second moments you capture; moments you can never get back, except in image form. The other amazing thing about film is the richness of colour and the depth in the detail. There is definitely something beautiful in the way that you can feel as if you were there again. A photograph is also an object, when it’s developed and printed, you can hold it in your hand, you own it. Whereas digital is much more elusive, though there are many conveniences and upsides of using digital of course but I suppose that now film is being subsided by digital it seems more romantic to use film.

These photos and more are on my flickr account (of which I am new to!) so if you like these you can also check that out :)


 This is in response to Hey Harriet‘s Shadow Shot Sunday. (which is soon to be changing hosts)

It is the artwork of Emma Hamilton from the 2011 Monash Grad show. The book is made from sheets of acetate.

This will be my last shadow shot post :(


My photo for Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday.



This is my photo for Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday. (there is a collage of hers with my photo in it if you care to take a peak!)



 This is my photo for Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday.


This yearbook for the 2011 Monash University Fine Art  Honours graduates was organized by the lovely Laura and designed by Andrew. Thank you guys! Here is a scan of my spread and this is the text:

“… in a universe suddenly divested of illusions and lights, man feels alien, a stranger. His exile is without remedy since he is deprived of the memory of a lost home or the hope of a promised land. This divorce between man and his life, the actor and his setting, is properly the feeling of absurdity.” Albert Camus

The void is like the future which can be whatever you make it. So the black board is really a metaphor for all the possibilities I see for my life or at least a comprehension of the concept of endless possibility. This unknown can of course be fearful, the constant fear of what we cannot foresee and the pressure of knowing what to do with that unknown. There is a constant struggle to make the right choices in life just as there are in the animation process.

You can also have a look at my page in the Art and Design Graduand Show catalogue as well as everyone else graduating from monash too!




Above is a small selection of tv and movies i’ve recently loved.

I don’t usually do these types of posts, but I thought it would be a neat (both cool and practical) way to compress all the ideas, feelings and photos of the stressful last month on university (plus some other stuff) through photographs.


This my photo for this weeks Shadow Shot Sunday ( It was taken at a wrecking yard a few months ago.



The artist/self timer at work. I took these funny photos of me doing my animations yesterday and today if anyone is interested! They must have had a sale on daggy knitwear or something haha. But seriously that is what I wear… In contrast to the title I look very serious, though I don’t mean to, it’s interesting how you can get so ‘in the zone’ when creating.


This weeks contribution to Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday. I took this while attempting to study in a cafe. If you look carefully you will see a an anonymous hand holding a cigarette on the right hand side of this photo. That is mainly why I like it. :)


Just a print screen of my animation photos, I think it’s cool to see all the guts laid out like this, soon you will see them animated ;)


Here is a what I thought was a really nice photo until I saw my hand extruding it’s pinkness into the frame as some kind of sun-glare-blocking mechanism. Haha oh well. It was taken either October 2009 of February 2010, I cannot be quite sure. Part of Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday.