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My obsession with stickers is yet to go too far but it seems near on the horizon. These are just notebooks i decorated for uni or as journals. There is something really satisfying about doing this but i cant properly articulate what that is. I guess it could be that i am wanting to look at so many things at once :P The last two photos are just some desk craziness.


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Lately I have been writing letters to my sister, since we live two and a half hours away from each other. It’s also an excuse for me to use the dubious amount of tape and stickers and stamps that i keep accumulating. The last few times I have forgotten to take photos though :( In any case, she loves it! It makes me happy that i can make her something she enjoys instead of buying pre-made things or toys (she’s a lot younger than me btw).



Here are the outcomes of a very crafty couple of days. A coin purse and a tote bag just for me! I had been wanting a new purse for a while but couldn’t find the right one, so i made my own. The same with the bag, making things  myself allows me to customize everything about the item, for example; i really love bags with long handles and so what do you know, hey presto! – my wish became reality! Of course these are just one off things i make for myself because i get so tired and washed out after doing it.

thanks for stopping by, hope you like these :)



Here are some pages from my red notebook that i made a few months ago. I just had a whole bunch of national geographics and vogues and went crazy. There is something soothing about colour coordination. Well, for those like me who take comfort in organising/archiving and eye-drooling visual pleasure that colour produces.


For a friend’s halloween party two nights ago I dressed up as Wednesday Addams and my boyfriend went as Doctor Crane (a.k.a. creepy scarecrow who administers psychopathological hallucinogenics) from Batman Begins. I made his mask out of a Coles hessian shopping bag by cutting it up into pieces and sewing it back together. I also attached the white makeshift collar onto this black dress. The bad/grainy quality of these photos seem to make us look extra creepy.


Happy (or should I say spooky) Halloween!


I made this bunny toy for my lovely friend Sarah and the baby she is going to have in a month or so. I had fun making it and deciding what face to sew and clothes it should wear. I went to her baby shower on Sunday, the first baby shower I have ever been to! It was so nice to see the support of all her family :) I hope that the baby really loves this bunny – FOREVER! Not really but I’m glad made the effort to make something special and sentimental rather than store-bought (although I didn’t use a pattern so this causes some of the limbs look a bit demented).


Yep you heard right, i have made a zine to accompany this blog, it will be available to buy at Sticky as of tomorrow for all of those lucky enough to be in melbourne :)

Enjoy the sneak peek!



Perfect for Mother’s day, i have made this one for my mum who loves creamy/peachy tones and all things frilly and girlie. Hope she likes it!

All pieces of fabric and beads are hand sewn together, why not try it?


This is what I was up to during the Easter break, a place to put pictures I like and my first project using my new sewing machine! Sorry for the bad quality photos, have now mixed them in with ok ones.


I made this dress to take advantage of the half price sale at Lincraft this week. I used a pattern that I bought from a second hand store. It was quite simple really, just cut out the shapes and sew them together then make some adjustments after I tried it on. However I feel like perhaps I should have made some selvages for the neck and arm holes as that probably would look better than what I have done. I don’t own a sewing machine so I sewed it all by hand, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Anyway I’m very happy with it, of the course the length could be shorter or longer depending on what you like. It’s a very summery dress, though it doesn’t feel much like summer in Melbourne at the moment, I hope it heats up so I can wear it!


This is another one of my hand made gift ideas. Just like the cushion this horse was made for that same friend. The inspiration was taken from Michel Gondry’s ‘The Science of Sleep’. I am now thinking of making a whole series of animals and animating them. There was no pattern for this horse I simply made it up by guessing shapes and sizes. All of it is hand sewn and the mane was particularly time consuming as all the peices of wool are individually sewn on. The rest of the horse is made out of grey felt, the same wool for the tail and buttons for eyes. It was very fun to make and I really encourage anyone to create things with their hands and their imagination.

katpig :)

I made this cushion as a Christmas present for my friend out of a second hand pillow case. Making it a bit smaller but keeping the existing buttons. Then I made this simple embroidery pattern of a butterfly from a photo. Stuffing yo can by from lots of craft shops but maybe yo cold also use stuffing from an old cushion you don’t want. Easy! And I’m so glad she actually liked it too :)  So next time you think you don’t have time to make a gift for someone, think again. It’s feels so much better to give a present that you’ve put some genuine effort into. Don’t you think?