These are some photos i took during the year, with my Pentax K1000, though out of the whole roll of film only 10 photos came out nicely. So here a few, I will post some more after I get them scanned. Also that is why there are some lines and scratches on a few of the photos, because of the scanner.

There is something lovely in the anticipation of waiting for film to be developed, it is a special occasion and sometimes you have a roll from a long time ago and you re-live or discover moments you had forgotten. That’s my favourite thing about film photography, the split second moments you capture; moments you can never get back, except in image form. The other amazing thing about film is the richness of colour and the depth in the detail. There is definitely something beautiful in the way that you can feel as if you were there again. A photograph is also an object, when it’s developed and printed, you can hold it in your hand, you own it. Whereas digital is much more elusive, though there are many conveniences and upsides of using digital of course but I suppose that now film is being subsided by digital it seems more romantic to use film.

These photos and more are on my flickr account (of which I am new to!) so if you like these you can also check that out :)