I made this creation on a walk one morning and upon making it I thought it must have been my greatest creation ever. The problem was though, it would fall off if I brushed against something such as my hair. (It’s wierd to see my hands close up like this)… anyway I wanted to share a bit of creative writing that I have been doing lately.I’m not quite sure what it is for or where it is going but it’s here for people to read, and hopefully have something to say about it.

Sometimes the apartment creaked. This made her feel uneasy, as if she didn’t have enough reminders that she was alone. It was as though the walls proclaimed it to her in their dull ruptures or prolonged shrieks. Like anyone she kept herself busy with seemingly unimportant tasks yet they were justified by her own want of productivity. Amid these activities and the stop/starting of records were moments of wafting silence. At times she delighted and relished these, feeling satisfied by not having to interpret noises around her. Sometimes it distresses her, making her long for something anything to keep her from herself. She needs voices to distract her, so she puts on the radio or plays some music. Other times it made her rigid and by some unseen force made compelled to just sit at the table staring for long minutes at nothing in particular. Frozen in this sate her eyes float over things around her and out of the window, nothing melts her. Perhaps she isn’t even thinking at all, trying to pry thoughts out of the mass of blankness. She closes her eyes and the silence swallows her, she is enveloped by the endless possibilities the silence offers her.