On the brink of dusk we felt as though we were in a country town once we stepped inside the Oakleigh RSL last friday. Things were still being set up so the three of us grabbed a table near the front and while munching on some mexican buffet a lady with a lighter came round to light our candle. How romantic ;) So after waiting too long to go to the bathroom just chatting in anticipation for the band at our table complete with checked table cloth, I went to the ladies room just moments before the warm-up act started. In between those plaster walls echoing banjo chords graced my ears. The image and music of Darren Hanlon rose to mind. It was the most exciting sound I had heard in a long while. The dull twang and vibration of sound embraced me with a nostalgia and familiarity I never wanted to let go of. I walked out and the one man band had finished tuning his banjo and was into full song. The delicate vocals matched the melody so well and his lyrics personal and touching. I was captivated by the atmosphere, the softly twirling disco ball and passion in his voice. I had to wait after the entire show to find out his name was Isaac de Heer. Although it had been said twice both times were too much of a mumble for me to comprehend. There was a small intermission. Then The Little Stevies were announced on stage and launched straight into my favourite of their songs, the very up-beat, Sunshower. Bouncy and light it was a great start to the set. With a mixture of new and older songs many of them were new to me. The three harmonious voices glide perfectly through almost every song. There was talk of there trip to Los Angeles, amusing anecdotes and a collective happy birthday chorus for Bethany who turned 23 that night and also Robin’s mum who was in the audience. Their lyrics appear as very raw that left me feeling motivated and energetic. It’s nice to hear unpretentious words and stories for a change. After the show I bought myself a CD from the lead singer Bill (yes it is actually a girl) and then took photos of my friend with the two guys from the band Robin and Josh. Although I had some trouble firstly with the focusing, then the flash because no one could keep their eyes open. :) Meanwhile my other friend had been bothered the whole time they were playing by the fact that she recognised Beth from somewhere. As it turned out they both went to the same high school. What a small world and overall a fun night. This was my celebration for finishing my third and possibly last year of university and I have to say it really felt great!