Today I joined all my stop-frame animations together and made a gif. The quality isn’t very good but is still exciting. Please stay to see all of them :) Finishing off all your coursework for the year feels really good. It is encouraging when people let you know that it wasn’t all a waste of time. Thank you to those people ;) Now it’s time to celebrate woohoo!!

Here is my statement that goes with my work:

This semester I have focused on the medium of drawing and occasionally stop frame animation techniques. These embrace the world of the imaginary; they appear as though they are scenes taken from the leaf of a children’s book. However many of the drawings are dealing with emotions and motifs that don’t register straight away when you look at them and that in fact subvert the traditional conventions of the fairy tale. A lot of the themes such as humour and longing stem from experiences and/or things I would like to change in my own life. Recently I have begun reading psychological texts such as The Feminine in Fairytales by the Jungian writer Marie-Luise von Franz. Her writing has influenced my work in terms of the symbols and imagery that I have been appropriating. This reading has helped me shape an imaginary world that attempts to depict a psychological reality.My work is also influenced by Francis Alys, Vivienne Shark Le-witt, Paul Noble and Jenny Watson.