Here is some of the things I am working on at the moment in my uni course. In the model room the furniture is freed from conscious and have transcended into the unconscious realm, discovering new dimensions of the pysche.  This can be a metaphor for opening  up your emotions and feelings to others etc. [this can be just be one of the many readings]. The images of rooms and hoses are idealized yet somewhat nostalgic of childhood. However the subject of childhood is not fully my intention when making these works. The animals depicted can be read as symbols, for example using  Jungian principles, the bear is represented as either berserk rage or holistic rage. In that when anyone has a an outburst of rage they are showing themselves in a most real manner, with no inhibitions they can tell you what they really think. However in this drawing I have drawn the bear in a somewhat paradoxical way.

With all this said I am no expert on psychology, its something I am reading in my spare time,  so I have probably generalized a bit in writing this.