There has got to be a better way of living life than the one we westerners know/are taught. It’s so contrived, we think we want and need new things like furniture, clothes, men/women, an internet connection, tea with biscuits… Why do ‘lifestyles’ have to rule our lives? we can do whatever we want. But has this infrastructure we’ve created around ourselves now limit us of our true potential to live a happy life? When your happiness comes from the inside you can deal with anything, you are content but if your happiness comes from buying possessions then you will never stop wanting things. Why is it that we teach people that they will have responsibility one day. All responsibility we have is to ourselves… we are selfish, I am selfish. It’s natural to look out for yourself first, does that make it a bad thing? Do you think that people can truly learn from other peoples mistakes or do we each have to learn these things with time and experience and fault of our own?

that’s my rant for the day ;)