I could not resist writing about this record, it is the opposite of disapointment. It is everything i could have expected from one of my favourite aussie singer songwriters and more. Rousing in me feelings that are so familiar and comforting, folky melodies letting you know everything will be alright :) He is spot on with all kinds of personal situations and emotions, one that we’ve all felt, gently yet certainly diving outside the square and thinking of all the small, insignificant details of life that can often grow into important aspects of our life. There is a restlessness that roams in these lyrics, a mind full of questions that can’t or don’t need to be answered. 

I have done this drawing out of  inspiration from this album:

“So I gave away my clothes to charity,

And turned off my TV for clarity,

But some days I still envy those,

Walking around wearing my clothes,

So I’ll plant a tree I’ll never see grow,

Put a seed in the ground where no one will know,

Gonna make my plan when the morning breaks,

But I just don’t know how long it will take…” -Folk Insomnia