Sometimes I feel like watching television makes me increasingly unintelligent… unless I’m watching Man vs. Wild or a documentary on any of the following themes: animals, art, music, plants, astronomy, or how to fashion your own log into a canoe etc. And so I feel like all inspiration for creating and thinking, in general is zapped from my being by the radioactive antennas or maybe that’s just from the microwave when I’m making the popcorn…

Although there are many TV shows that i enjoy watching, sitting idle and staring for hours waiting for them to come on, seems so wrong. I think we all need to move forward with our lives and think of other ways of entertainment, there are many movies of course that deserve more attention than TV, but think of all the hours you could have back of your life to read and learn and write and think and create and invent and explore and enjoy!

not meaning to offend anyone just trying to spread the love. katpig