Man telling me how this bus is always late,

Well, don’t you think I already know that,

Light from the bright blue sky makes me squint,

Now I can’t read my book of poetry properly,

‘Lets Spend the Night Together’ playing in my ear,

It looks like I work in a hospital,

Because of the collared shirt I’m wearing,

I subtly rock my head to the music which makes me smile,

I try to disguise this dance as the train movements,

Pushing me around instead of my own,

This is the next chapter in my life,

I love how Bob Dylan’s ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ can relate to everyone,

We all go through changes in our life,

When I look in the reflection on the glass,

All I can see is the fine hairs on my upper lip,

My cassette keeps stopping but when it’s working again,

I love that you can see it rolling through it’s tiny window,

The man beside me fingers rosary beads,

I smile but all of a sudden I’m challenged about my own faith,

And now my thoughts are silenced,

By the arrival of the train at my destination…

   love katpig