Afternoon of 18/02/2010

Bus 775 scheduled for 2:55 came at 2:58. Apologies for all my silver was rejected with the adjective ‘wonderful’ by a charming everyday bus driver. Her simple words made my approximately 24 minute journey inspiring for this story.

Someone’s bed I’m sitting in as I spy hair grease on the window. Iwonder if they were just ressting their head or fell fast asleep and almost missed their stop!

A package laying on an unknown doorstep, the inhabitants of its house seemingly unaware of its presence.

Trying madly to remember a lost idea. Only a few mintues even seconds ago did I know of its reverence and ingenuity. I feel now that it is gone forever and I am never to know its potential for creative success. Oh how I loathe the sloths memory that is in my head.

Doubting my decision of wearing pants today. My midday outfit change is put to shame by clear skies.

A see-through dress on an anonymous pedestrian catches my eye. Maybe she doesn’t know, maybe she doesn’t care. Her legs barely covered by a pink transparent shower curtain.

Passing familiar places which are given a new spark of obsession because of events involving a beloved figure embedded with fascination within my being. And so I am hurtled back down to earth with the realization of part of my unresolved past…

thanks for reading my distracted rambles ;) katpig